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Cyber security tips for summer travel

Stop and think when sharing   Is anyone home? Always be careful about how much you post on social media about your vacations. This includes before and after your travels. Criminals watch online posts to find people that are away with homes that are empty. So, before “checking in” to a location on a social network, consider what else you are sharing.   Post when you get back Skip the “check in” and make your vacation posts when you get home. At the very least, check your privacy settings and only let friends see your posts. To be even safer, think about turning off any GPS or... >> Read more

Inside Verily's plan to fight mosquitoes with 20 million more mosquitoes

Verily — formerly Google Life Sciences — began releasing bacteria-infected male mosquitoes in Fresno, California. The release marks the launch of Debug Fresno, a field study that aims to rid the central California county of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Also known as yellow fever mosquitoes, they first arrived in the area in 2013 and are known to spread the Zika virus, dengue, and chikungunya (although none of these viruses are...

The 5 Fundamentals for Growing Your Startup

It can be an exciting thing, starting your own business. But like many others who have begun their own startup companies, it soon becomes apparent how daunting it can be to make the company a success, or even just to keep it going. For those that do have startup companies, it can be a tricky thing to market the business and make it grow. That can be said of any new business, but particularly of small startup businesses. To help, here are a few...


Geneva, 6 July 2017 - The Government of Finland is showing its support for inclusive e-commerce by contributing a half a million euros to the UNCTAD-led eTrade for all initiative.  Whilst the rapid development of the digital economy is creating both opportunities and challenges for developing countries, a wide e-commerce divide remains. “Through financing this initiative, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is...

Investors worry falling oil prices will take stock prices down with them. So far, they're not

When oil prices take dramatic dips, investors worry crude could derail the market. But some are saying this time is different. Like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, oil and stocks can 'consciously uncouple.' Over the last decade we've seen decoupling twice but for different reasons, and that's the key. In 2008 when oil was at $145, stocks were sinking. It took a while but eventually oil came down with stocks because...

Which Data Analytics Jobs Offer the Best Salary?

The number of data science and analytics (DSA) job openings will continue to grow impressively between now and 2020, according to recent research from Burning Glass Technologies, IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF). The accompanying report, "The Quant Crunch: How Demand for Data Science Skills Is Disrupting the Job Market," indicates that DSA jobs are paying many thousands of dollars more than other positions that...

Deep Root Analytics Downplays Giant Voter Data 'Oops'

A data contractor working on behalf of the Republican National Committee earlier this month allowed the personal data of 198 million voters to be exposed online, marking the largest ever leak of voter data in history, according to the cybersecurity firm that discovered the incident. Deep Root Analytics left 1.1 terabytes of sensitive information -- including names, home addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and voter registration...

Night shifts may hinder body's ability to repair DNA damage

Night shift work may hinder the body's ability to repair DNA damage caused by normal cellular processes, suggests a small study published online in Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Suppression of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the internal body clock (circadian rhythm) might have a role, the findings suggest. Previous research by the same authors of 223 night shift workers showed that day sleep was associated with...

What the Average Worker Doesn’t Know About Security Will Scare You

As security becomes more complex organizations are tasked with making sure that it’s not just the IT department on the lookout for the next threat since malicious actors can get in from anywhere, particularly in a multi-cloud environment. Employees are being trained on cybersecurity best practices, and are adding words like ‘ransomware’ to their lexicon. But it still may not be enough. Cybersecurity training provider...

EU judges may be asked to rule on legality of UK surveillance powers

Fresh court challenge by privacy campaigners could impact the controversial Investigatory Powers Act. EU judges may be asked to decide whether the intelligence services’ bulk collection of email data in order to prevent terrorist attacks is legal. In a fresh challenge that could impact the Investigatory Powers Act, the campaign group Privacy International has argued in court on Monday that interception of social media that is not...

President Trump will ask tech executives today for help in modernizing the U.S. government

The White House wants to improve its citizen-facing services, buy better tech and tap new tools like machine learning. President Donald Trump will huddle with the leaders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other top technology companies on Monday, as his administration tries to harness Silicon Valley’s expertise to upgrade the dated inner workings of the U.S. government. Much like his predecessors in the White House, Trump and...

Why Are Your Clients Missing The Mark On Digital Transformation?

Falling Short On The Push To Digital Do businesses get in their own way when it comes to digital transformation initiatives? Two service provider giants believe they do, and it's slowing the progress of some businesses toward better success in an increasingly digital world. Wipro Digital, part of business process services provider Wipro, found that execution against strategies are falling short of strategic and financial goals....

1 Million Endpoints Exposed on Public Internet via Microsoft File-Sharing Services

Research on global Internet security posture found endpoints leaving MicrosoftSMB file-sharing systems wide open online, a finding that explains the rapid spread of WannaCry, Rapid7 says.More than one million global endpoints are exposed on the public Internet via Microsoft file-sharing services - 800,000 of which are confirmed Windows systems spanning nearly all product and release versions. Security firm Rapid7 recently released its...

Next-Gen Fighter, Nuclear Cruise Missile Eyed for Funding Boost

The Air Force wants to boost funding for next-generation technologies such as a potential sixth-generation fighter and a nuclear cruise missile. The service’s fiscal 2018 budget request released Tuesday includes $25.4 billion for research, development, test and evaluation programs — an increase of $5 billion, or 26 percent, from the amount enacted for the current year, according to budget documents. While some of the funding...

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